Amongst our audience, Sportybet seems to be a popular bookmaker. I have had a small experience with the platform having been discussing the benefits with one of my friends. I have to admit that I have not personally made too many wagers so far. So, my information about Sportybet is based on research and navigation of the site. As a professional gambler, I have used so many platforms and Sporty has only taken three bets from me so far.


What are the good bits about Sportybet?

The colour scheme on the site is enticing. I think the site looks very neat and well presented. When you spend a long time on a betting site, the fluidity of the site is crucial. I would go as far as to say that in essence, Sporty has one of the best user experiences I have tried. Against some of the major players like Bet365 and Betway, perhaps it is lacking in “look and feel” but the navigation of the site is great. The bets are nicely presented, and the information architecture is well balanced to attract eyes to key markets and sports.

  • Fantastic user experience on the website
  • App is a little clunky but also good
  • Variable bonuses are definitely interesting and worth noting
  • Great Live Betting experience
  • Match Tracker
  • Solid reputation in Africa

Live Betting is something I particularly enjoy and this platform performs better than most. The match tracker that shows possession zones, shots on target, and other key performance metrics help to tempt betting. The software on the match tracker is virtually identical to Betway, and it does make you want to bet. Reading the stats, combined with watching the match tracker enables a player to get a gist as to what is happening on the field of play.


Are there some bad points about Sportybet?

Many have moaned that Sportybet has no casino and labeled it a negative. For me, the name says exactly what it is; a sports betting platform. Probably the only negative I have really found so far is the suspension of wagers in live betting. For anyone that doesn’t understand why markets get suspended: Bookmakers will have people at games that click when something important is happening in a match. Or, they will have a service that offers to monitor match action and suspend markets on the site to reflect match action. Typically, you can tell when a service is a person because suspension times are short and dynamic. With this platform, I do find markets are suspended for longer periods of time in most of the lower leagues. Suspended markets, stop players wagering bets. If I am building a two or three-team multi-bet, and one game suspends, it can destroy my odds in seconds and most of the time – for nothing.

  • Suspended market times too long
  • Hacking has been an issue
  • Player safety

Bookmakers should have the best security you can imagine online. I have read multiple reports over the last 12 months of Sportybet’s struggles to maintain security thresholds on the site. Not that it can impact on the player terribly, but the site going down frequently picks away at player loyalty.


What do you think of the Bonus?

Apart from the, up to 150% deposit bonus, Sporty have an interesting accumulator bonus. You can build you bonus rate against your returns of up to 1000%. Albeit you would need to wager 50 folds in order to achieve a 1000% bonus. The idea is pretty cool and something that has been done effectively and well. For weekend 10 fold accumulator players, this bonus could be one of the best in the marketplace. If you would like to read some more about the bonus you can check out Sportys 1000% accumulator bonus here.


How do I Register for a new account?

Sporty take simplicity to another level. You need your telephone number and password. Yes that is it. You register on the site and you are done and dusted. As I have explained before, when there is little to do to register, you will usually pay for that when you withdraw. Getting funds into a bookmaker is the easy part! Just ensure you check the terms and conditions for withdrawal before you deposit money as the terms will vary from country to country.

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How long will it take to pay out my wins?

Sporty claim to get withdrawn funds back to the player within 24 hours. I have to be honest that, as yet, I am yet to withdraw from my book to confirm. However, on researching for this article I found some disturbing information from another player. I am used to betting sites playing hardball with withdrawing funds but this is a new one.

Problems with withdrawing from sportybet

Sometimes bookmakers will do things to limit certain players from withdrawing or depositing funds. I have had similar issues myself when using Betway once because of a game that played in my accumulator. I have also had issues with Bet365. Bookmakers are the house, and we live in it. This message may well not be rolled out amongst the masses so consider it subjective. But, err on the side of caution when it comes to making large deposits at any bookmaker.


You should use Sportybet if:

  • You want an easy-to-use navigational site
  • If you want to focus your betting primarily on sports
  • If you like an easy registering process and get down to playing right away
  • You like easy markets without complexities, especially if you are a 1×2 player
  • You like betting in the Nigerian Professional Football League


1xBet have been around for a very long time. In fact, I heard of them initially at an airport in the UAE by a friend that was looking for a bookmaker. They arrived on the scene in 2007 and have been trading since in many countries around the world. I have used the platform, on and off, for a couple of years now. This is a candid and honest review of some of the things I like, and dislike, about the bookmaker.


What is Good About 1xBet?

They have a lot going on. The platform offers a huge range of sports and coverage of the most popular markets. They take a comprehensive amount of payment methods, including Bitcoin. I guess, for some players, the flexibility may be good for depositing. For me, with my trusty bank card, I only need one method!

  • Huge variety of sports available
  • eSports
  • Virtually every possible way to gamble you can imagine
  • Decent Bonus
  • Pretty good odds

The platform has an amazing array of methods to gamble from sports, esports, jackpot, casino, and live casino. From a gambling perspective, they have all bases covered. I do like 1xBet as a gambling offering, there is something for everyone on the website.


What I don’t like about 1xBet

The website is clunky, slow, and lethargic. Navigating the site sometimes reminds me of using the internet on dial-up; it’s there but takes forever. The lag on the website is one thing, but the cluttered interface is another. I cannot stand when there is information on a page that doesn’t clearly discern what the highlights are. 1xBet is a victim of its complexity. The website is dated, yet with current content in both betting markets and games.

  • Poor performing website and app
  • Slow payout times on banking

Other than the website, the payout times can be a little frustrating. If you make comparisons against the likes of Betway, banking should be faster than it is. Whether or not 1xBet use inferior banking services to settle withdrawals is speculation but there investment is needed in that area.


Should I take the bonus?

The bonus is variable. I have personally seen the bonus go as high as a 200% deposit match which is great. Using the bonus is subject to terms and conditions that no doubt reflect their generosity. Whether or not you take the bonus should depend on your style of betting. If a bonus of 200% is offered, I would wager that against a single match including my stake. Most players tend to favour accumulators. Using the bonus on a single match, increasing your wallet, and then having more for accumulators is a smart move. Check out what bonuses 1xBet may have currently.


How can you Register?

Registering is no problem. By clicking “Register” in the top right-hand corner of the page you are instructed to a form. The details needed are as simple as your full name, telephone number, and password. Once you have completed these steps you then receive a confirmation code which you use to activate your account.

Registering with 1xbet is simple for football bet tips in africa


Once I win, how long until they pay me out my winnings?

Well here is one of the areas that I have a problem with 1xBet. If you are a banking player, I would not use 1xBet. Because I am willing to wait for my winnings I am able to use 1xBet for some of my wagers. I certainly do not use them unless I have found substantial odds against competitors. The 5-7 day withdrawal time to bank card or bank transfer is beyond crazy; only if the price is right will I indulge. The processing time to e-wallets or bitcoin is lightning fast, however. With 1xBet having been in the market for so long this is something I would have expected they had remedied a long time ago. Players win money and they want their money as fast as you took it. So, if you are listening 1xBet, please take note if you are going to keep your players playing!


You should use 1xBet if:

  • You don’t mind waiting for your winnings
  • The website becomes navigational and functional for you at speed
  • You want some of the best odds in the market
  • Your betting style is slow and considered



BetKing was founded in 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria. I have to admit, I used the platform for the first time this year. The rise in popularity prompted me to give it a go, and so far, I am impressed. I have not been to the betting shops on my travels as yet. The feedback I have from multiple players suggests that the experience is good. But, as a screen warrior, constantly balancing bookies on my dual screens I have no reason to!


The Best of BetKing

As a platform, the bookmaker has a lot going for it. The site is pretty smooth and the app (available on Android) is even smoother. The absence of iOS functionality is a little disappointing given that so many players are with Apple. The site is still mobile responsive and the minimalistic mobile version is as smooth as the site on the phone. I am a stickler for websites that lose fluidity in colour and information. The bookmaker does a good job in maintaining functionality and balancing the information not to get lost in the inertia of scrolling.

  • Nice website and app
  • Clean colour scheme on the website
  • King’s Combo – nice feature with premade combination bets in football matches
  • Healthy amount of betting markets in football

The King’s Combo is a feature that I like. Many bookmakers are going the same way now, creating bets that players can take in one click. The odds are usually pretty healthy options. I have not personally tried any of the combination bets as yet, but I have taken inspiration from them. Creative betting usually yields hidden edges bookmakers have not already thought of. For me, taking one of the bookmakers combo bets means they have the edge. To be a professional level player, you know that the only thing that separates you from the house, is the edge.


The Worst of BetKing

Anyone that has followed my reviews for a while will know how much I focus on site cohesion and fluidity. BetKing does well to present the odds in such a way that is readable to a user. However, the problem is the reading information once you have clicked into a game. The initial display shows the upcoming games in three core markets, which is fine.

BetKing review of registration, odds and bonus

It is in the multiple markets in single matches where the page becomes too busy. Spending too long on one page desperately disrupts the flow of the site. Me, wearing glasses, causes strain on the eyes, and many times I have lost valuable bets on researching markets.


The distracting nature of the website is counterbalanced by the betting markets. It is a trade-off that many players will be willing to deal with. Personally it is a little much, but in the core markets, it is a swift and easy-to-use platform.

  • Single football matches have a confusing interface
  • Odds are average
  • Slow pay-out times in reality


The Bonus is industry standard

The 100% deposit bonus is pretty standard amongst competitors. I have not seen many different promotions on initial sign-up from BetKing. There is definitely scope to use the 100% bonus effectively in football bets to make money. I wrote an article, on how to use Betway bonus, which is applicable with BetKing also.


What is needed to Register with BetKing?

Registering is easy! To sign up with BetKing all you need to do is provide your telephone number and a password for your account. I do think that sometimes when you do not have to provide much KYC, it can be disingenuous. Either way, when it comes to withdrawing from the bookmaker you will need to give more information. So, register, but be clear that at some point you will go through more rigorous screening.

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If you like the sound of the bookmaker then I would suggest having a browse around their website here.



When you win how long can you expect for your cash?

This is a little bit of a grey area. Personally, my experience has been 24-48 hours depending on the bookmaker’s “busy times”. I have read reports online of plus 72 hours which is negative but I cannot say I have experienced the same. For me, a bookmaker should return your winnings within 24 hours as standard. A lot will go down to your deposit method, and I am a user with current bank account. If you use an e-wallet, you can expect your funds faster. Having the funds trapped in an e-wallet, however, means that you have no physical cash until they transfer too. It is better to use your bank card, cut out the middleman if you can.


You should use BetKing if:

  • You like blue and white and your eyes can take it for hours!
  • You want good odds in football bets
  • You want instant access to ready-made football combination bets


22Bet was founded in 2017, which makes them a proverbial baby in terms of business. The bookmaker has taken a pretty good market share amongst African players in recent years. Having used 22Bet for around a year now as a secondary bookie, I can say that they have got some positive factors about them. Here, I will outline some of the highlights, and also some of the negatives if you are considering the platform.


The Best of 22Bet

Overall, 22Bet has virtually everything you could hope for in a bookmaker. The website is ok, and the app is pretty good, but it is perhaps in the odds where they excel. I have line shopped against them with some major bets and found them to offer good odds, particularly in the 1×2 football markets. In a business where all that really matters, it is only the odds that count so it is a plus to get good value. The huge range of sports betting stretches as far as Table Tennis. Making creative accumulators in multi-sport bets can be particularly fun. When the American seasons start, I know my partner is a fan of making cross NFL and Football bets on slips. 22Bet is a go-to for multi-sport betting.

  •  Fantastic range of sports betting available
  • Decent customer service
  • Good Odds in football markets
  • Easy registration process for new players
  • Tons of Markets available


The Worst of 22Bet

The website for me has to be one of the major gripes I have with the bookmaker. The fluidity of the site is lost with the extreme amount of information. Very similar to the Melbet platform. Having multiple markets is a plus for any bookmaker but when you have so many there needs to be segregation. As a player myself, I would like to see some sort of customisation for multi-market bookmakers. I place bets quickly, especially when it comes to live betting, and sifting through markets requires consistent use of the platform. A feature where you could favourite the markets typically used would benefit the user experience and save time. Overall it is the user experience that lets down the bookmaker on the whole. The website is crucial to developing long-term player loyalty and without a platform that is fluid, dynamic, and fast it is hard to commit.

  • Poor User Exprience
  • Cluttered Website


Is the Bonus Serious?

Typically they offer a 100% matched deposit which is pretty good. If I remember rightly, that is the offer I signed up with in 2021. I often get asked the question of whether or not players should accept the bonus. I advise taking the bonus if it is double your money, if there are ways to make that work wonders. If the terms and conditions are favourable (they do change so always check the small print) you can make some smart bets. In fact, we wrote an article on how to use Betway’s bonus, the technique is applicable to most with the same offer!


What do I need to Register with 22Bet?

Registering is probably one of the easiest processes to date. You need your telephone number and a password, literally that simple! However, be aware that to withdraw funds will require further KYC. If you do not have your details like identification, address and full name, be careful depositing money. You can look at so many social media profiles complaining about timescales to receive their funds once they have registered and withdrawn. Getting money into a bookmaker is not particularly complicated, getting money out, can be. Just make sure you are serious and legit before registering with any bookmaker.

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When I win how long until I get my money?

Bank transfers take a good long while with 22Bet. The website states up to 5 days, and I can vouch for that. To be honest, it has not taken 22Bet 5 days as yet, but 3-4 days seems to be the norm. As a banking player, this can be frustrating. So, perhaps the most effective method of withdrawing funds is through an e-wallet. An e-wallet transfer takes between 15 minutes and 24 hours.


You should use 22Bet if:

  • You like betting is various sports around the globe
  • If you are not worried about the trade-off of clutter to utilizing multiple markets
  • Withdrawing is not an essential part of your betting day-to-day for funding